Ayatullah Haj Sayyid Mahmoud Hashimi Shahroudi

One of the eminent scholars in Qom. He is now teaching the high stage in Fiqh and Usool, He has compiled many book on Fiqh and Usool



He was born on the 2nd of Thil Qi`dah 1367 A.H. (1947 A.D.) in Najaf Ashraf. His father, the late Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Husayni Shahroudi, was a great scholar in theHawzah of Najaf.

Having finished his primary studies in Alawiyah School in Najaf, he began stuying the religious texts of the Hawzah till he completed the preliminary andintermediate stages - within a short time. He then joined the lessons of the Martyr Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir Sadr, while, at the same time, attenting the lectures of the late Imam Khumayni and Ayatullah Khoui.

In 1974, when the mercenaries of the Ba`th regime began to attack the Ulama and Muslim thinkers, Hashimi was one of those who were arrested by the government and was severely tortured. During the demonstration of the Iraqis, especially the people of Najaf, in support of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iraqi detectives searched Hashimi's place. However, at that time he had followed the orders of Ayatullah Uzma Sadr and migrate to Iran where he became the absolute representative of Ayatullah Sadr for Imam Khumayni. Upon his arrival in Iran he supported the Islamic Revolution and its leadership by activly defending Islam and opposing its enemies. And currently he continuing to do his best to support the Islamic movements of the Iraqi people against the Baths regime - just as he has always done.

Hashimi has participated in manyI slamic conferences and gatherings held by the Ahlul Bayt International Assembly - the Assembly for Uniting the Islamic Sects with the Hawzah of Qom, which are being held in Mashhad. He also was the chairman of the first Specialized Conference on the Fiqh of Hazrat Imam - held under the title (The Effect of Time Place over Ijtihad), and the first Conference held by the Encyclopaedea of Islamic Fiqh according to the Ahlul-Bayt's (AS) school of thought in Qom.

It is worthy to mention that Hashimi has served the Islamic Regime in many ways. From the year 1981, Hashimi began to teach the Kharij stage in Fiqh and Usool in the sacred city of Qom, which is attended by many foreign and local students.